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Field of Interest Fund


Grant Guidelines, Policies and Evaluation Criteria

Field of Interest funds allow donors to address an issue or cause they care deeply about without naming specific charities. The Henry County Community Foundation takes a contributor's concerns into consideration when making grants to appropriate organizations that fit within the donor's category of concern.


  1. Applications must be submitted from 501c3 nonprofit organizations serving Henry County, Indiana.
  2. Applications will be accepted for a Field of Interest Fund until that fund's resources are exhausted for the fiscal year.
  3. Applications will be reviewed by an internal committee. 
These grant guidelines and policies apply only to the field of interest philanthropic funds of the Henry County Community Foundation and not to those funds for which the beneficiary or beneficiaries have been designated by the donor for which the donor has restricted the use of a particular fund to a specific charitable purpose or geographic area or to the Unrestricted Fund for Community Grants. Those designated and unrestricted funds will be administered separately in relation to their respective donor agreements.

It is the general policy of the Henry County Community Foundation to operate without discrimination to age, race, religion, sex or national origin in the overall administration of the Foundation and in the consideration of grant requests from agencies and organizations.

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